Crowdfunding campaign

The following table summarises the product development targets for which crowdfunding is being sought.

The targets reflect the following selection methodology:

  • Based on feedback from active Trustee users
  • To be made available as part of the Free Forever version
  • Prioritised on the basis of those items which will have the biggest impact (relative to cost)
1Improved editability (Part A)The ability to edit (rather than reverse) expense transactions
2Improved editability (Part B)The ability to edit (rather than reverse) income transactions
3Allocation rulesThe ability to create allocation rules
4Tax Return ReportAt present the draft tax return can only be generated from within LodgeIT. This report will be made available within the Reports tab
5ECPI calculationsAutomation of ECPI calculations as part of the year end process
6Managed fund upgradeApply holding / parcel architecture to managed fund assets
7Bonds upgradeBuilding on the 2020 upgrade to the holding / parcel architecture for bonds, this project will be focused on the further improvements required in order to enable integration with third party platforms such as FIIG
8Cryptocurrency assetsUpdate the asset architecture for alternative assets in order to provide improved support for this asset class (including crypto currencies)
9Year-end screensEnable XLS / PDF export from the revaluation screen
10Disposing of assets with tax deferred amountsTax deferred amounts from distributions are not being retained in Mclowd for the subsequent calculation of CGT on sales of those assets (thereby requiring manual workaround).

In addition, the capital gains calculation worksheet needs to allow for the manual input of these values (with the eventual goal being to automate these calculations)
11Direct propertyImprove the disposal function for direct property investments such that buildings, fixtures and fittings and plant and machinery can be disposed of separately.

Add the ability to enter direct property adjustments other than depreciation.
12Payments processingThe ability to pay via direct debit from a fund bank account (rather than credit card) for both software subscriptions as well as Marketplace purchases
13Interim periodsSimplify interim period processing by leveraging / applying the simplified year end screens