DIY Super Funds

DIY superannuation funds, otherwise known as self managed super funds (SMSFs), are a great way to prepare for retirement, offering increased control, tax benefits, and a wide choice of investment options, as well as opportunities for estate planning and flexible pension payments.

Their operation does however incur a range of responsibilities and costs relating to administration, audits and tax return preparation. Find more information about setting up your own self managed super fund.

For SMSF Trustees (particularly those using spreadsheets) will find that Mclowd reduces the time and cost involved in managing your fund. By harnessing the latest developments in technology we have been able to help you automate many of the tasks involved in managing your SMSF.

In addition, Mclowd provides an online services Marketplace, connecting you with dozens of qualified professionals. Ease the burden of managing your finances with access to a range of service providers including migration and ad hoc technical support, audit, general accounting and book keeping, legal advice, financial planning, tax and property advice.