Child Maintenance Trust

A Child Maintenance Trust (or ‘CMT’) is a form of trust, established as a result of family breakdown and put in place where there is an obligation to provide maintenance for the child, with restrictions in relation to how the capital of the trust (i.e., the trust assets) can be distributed. The Docscentre CMT takes the form of a discretionary trust.

The friendly, experienced Docscentre staff can assist; we offer this service using our standard PDF forms.

Simply complete, scan and email the form back to Docscentre.

Child Maintenance Trust documentation will be prepared in accordance with the order form and will usually include:

  • A letter from you to your client to be signed by you
  • 2 copies of trustees resolution (if trustee is a company)
  • The Guide to a Child Maintenance Trust (including the instructions on how to execute a Child Maintenance Trust)
  • 4 copies of the Trust deed

You will receive electronic and optional hard copies of the documents.