SMSF Updates Subscription

In response to Australia’s ever changing superannuation landscape, Docscentre has developed a service which keeps all of your SMSFs up to date.

The SMSF Updates Subscription makes it easy for advisers to manage clients will the same set of rules for all their funds, and trustees benefit from an adviser who is up-to-date with their fund.

Creating efficiencies and reducing friction at every point of the process allows us to offer this streamlined service at a low cost.

On the anniversary, the fund receives access to a resolution to adopt changes, an updated PDS and updated deed, if applicable.

A fund can join this subscription service either at establishment, upon varying the deed or at any other time. The cost is $88 per fund, per annum, which can be organised as a direct debit to be paid by the trustee or the practice, depending on your preference. Further, you can unsubscribe a fund at any time, without penalty.

Need more information? Call the friendly Docscentre team on 03 9209 9799.