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TBAR – reporting via the ATO portal

For a quick and efficient method of lodging TBAR reports, Trustees should link their Superannuation Fund to their MyGov account. (Reference for help to create a MyGov account and link your Superannuation Fund to your MyGov account.)

To lodge a TBAR manually via the ATO portal:

Log in to the ATO Portal at, selecting your SMSF account.

Once logged in, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen.

  • Scroll down to the menu to find ONLINE REPORTS.
  • Select the Transfer balance account report from the list.
  • Click ADD to Start a New Report. (You can also opt to resume a partly completed report or cancel a draft report)
  • Fill in the report fields
  • Click SAVE AND EXIT to save a partly completed or draft report, or SUBMIT to submit a completed report. You can also print the report by selecting Print friendly version once the report is submitted.
  • The ATO provides you with a Receipt ID for submitted reports.
  • Submitted reports do not display on the Transfer balance account report screen.

To access a saved report:

  • Go to Online Forms on the left hand menu
  • Select Transfer Balance Account Report from the list of forms
  • The saved report will be displayed in a table with a draft status
  • Select Resume or Delete

Reports are saved for as long as you need and can be accessed at any time.