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Add a new bank account

If you open a new bank account for your Fund, you will want to add it to the accounts available for selection.

Click the Bank Tab.

Note: When adding bank accounts in the Fund Setup, you entered an opening balance if you were transferring an existing fund. New bank accounts are opened with $0 balance. Funds are deposited as income or transfers in.

A list of bank and loan accounts is presented, below which is a list of bank transfers:

Click the ADD NEW BANK ACCOUNT button. Mclowd  displays the Bank Account: New form.

Fill out the form and click ADD ACCOUNT to save.

Note:  In some circumstances, you might have a bank account that does not have a BSB or account number, or you may wish to set the account up but not have the BSB or account number handy.

You can set up a bank account without completing the BSB and account number fields.  Just leave these fields blank and click ADD ACCOUNT or SAVE & ADD ANOTHER. You can return and update the record later to enter this information, or just leave it blank.
If your bank isn’t listed in the drop-down bank list, simply select OTHER. You can then either enter a BSB and Account number or leave these fields blank.