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Add interest income

To add new interest received by a Fund, click the INCOME tab, then click the ADD ASSET INCOME button.

Select the Account to which this interest income accrues (the Fund, or an individual member account).

Note:  In some Funds, individual members may hold segregated assets. For example, a member may have chosen to invest in a particular Term Deposit that other members view yielding inadequate returns. In this case, the investment can be made from the Member’s account, and all income from that investment will accrue to that Member’s account.

Select the Asset from the drop-down list presented by Mclowd.

If the selected Asset Type is a Bank Account, Fixed Interest, Bond, Managed Fund or Unit Trust, Mclowd will display:

In the Income Type field, Interest will be displayed by default and is often the only valid choice.

Note:  For some investment types, such as Unit Trusts and Hybrids clicking this field enables you to select Reinvestment and record a reinvestment of income from the asset.

To record Interest received, click the Add to account field and choose the bank account to which the interest was/will be paid.

Enter the Date the income was received.

Enter the Interest amount received.


Note:  If you select to Reinvest the income received, Mclowd will lock the Add to Account field (because no cash was received).