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Allocate P&L

In this step, you will allocate Fund profit and Loss and Tax obligations between the various member accounts.

Choose from:

  • Allocate Year End Entries
  • Clear Year End Allocation Entries
  • Reset All Data

Mclowd displays buttons according to your selection: ALLOCATE, CLEAR, or RESET.

Choose ALLOCATE to have Mclowd calculate the correct proportions of Profit/Loss and Tax to be allocated to each member account (in accordance with the MWA % saved above) and transfer net profit/loss to member accounts.

Choosing CLEAR will clear any allocation already recorded. Note that the Tax Profile and Member Weighted Average fields will be editable if you clear a prior allocation, so you can make changes to the MWA or tax profile, then allocate again.

Choosing RESET will clear all year end entries in the above steps and require you to start over.