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Bank data feeds – Trustees

Trustee users have two options in terms of ingesting bank data:

  • Setting up a feed via our Partner SISS Data Services
  • Manual import

Details as to manual import can be found here.

The balance of this article deals with the process of setting up an automated feed via SISS, which is available to Trustee users on the Premium version.

Upgrade Subscription

Instructions on how to upgrade your account can be found in our subscriptions guide.

Please note: the annual Premium subscription fee covers any supported bank and broker feeds.

Setting Up Your Feed

Navigate to Settings and click on User Details. You will be taken to the following screen:

Clicking on Bank Data Feeds will take you to the following screen:

Note that two categories now appear: Bank Data Feeds and Broker Data Feeds.

Click on the Start button in the Bank Data Feeds category. This will take you to the following screen:

If you have already set up bank accounts that are supported, they will appear on this page.

Setting up bank data feeds

Step 1: Add the relevant bank account to your fund.

Note:  Only currently supported bank accounts will appear on this page.

Step 2: Select “Request Data Authority Form” from the Actions dropdown.

This will download a zip file to your computer (check your desktop or download folder).

Step 3: Unzip the file and print the PDF document.

Step 4: Scan and email the completed form to

Step 5: It takes approximately two weeks for feeds to become active.  Please check back at that time under the Status column:

Step 6: Once the data feed status is “Active” you will be able to select the Allocate option.

This will take you to the allocations screen: