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What does “Blocked for Posting” mean?

Blocked for posting means that you cannot input any deposits or withdrawals against closed bank accounts by mistake. Mclowd does not currently support the deletion of bank accounts you have set up, but you can easily select a “Block for Posting” indicator so that no transactions can be recorded against that account.

How do I block an account
  • Please select the Bank menu item at the top of the Mclowd screen. A list of your bank accounts will display.
  • Find the relevant bank account and select BLOCKED FOR POSTING in that row.

Note: Be sure that all debits and credits to this account have been posted and the account reconciled. The account balance should be zero.

Mclowd will ask you to confirm that you want to block this account for further posting.

When you confirm, the bank account will still display in the list of bank accounts, but have a tick in the BLOCKED FOR POSTING column.

The account will not display in the dropdown selection list when attempting to post income, expenses, or bank transfers.

How do I unblock an account?

If you made a mistake and blocked the wrong account, it is a simple process to undo. Follow the same process as above, and then untick the BLOCKED FOR POSTING column against that bank account.