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Bond and term deposit disposals

You should now enter disposal of the Bond or Term Deposit.

You should do this even if you are reinvesting/rolling over and regardless of whether or not you intend to reinvest the interest received.

Select the ASSETS tab. Click the ASSET DISPOSALS button.

Ensure that the Account selected is the account that owned the asset to be rolled over.

Select the Asset: the Term Deposit or Bond to be rolled over.

The purchase date, maturity date and balance will be displayed in the lower panel.

Enter the Disposal Date.

Select the bank account to which the proceeds are to be deposited. (If you are rolling over both principal and interest, be sure to select the same bank account you selected to credit the interest income.)


Your bank account should now display two credit entries – one for the interest received and one for the bond or term deposit purchase price/disposal proceeds.