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Bond or term deposit reinvestment

Proceed with this step only if reinvesting/rolling over the fixed deposit or bond.

Click the ASSETS tab.

Select the Account to own the rolled-over asset (Fund, or a member account if this is a segregated asset)

Select the Asset Class and Category. (If rolling over, these will be identical to the Class and Category of the disposed asset.)


Note:  If reinvesting principal only, the amount reinvested will be the amount originally invested – i.e. the amount you entered as the disposal proceeds.

If reinvesting both principal and interest, the amount reinvested will be the total of the original bond/term deposit (the disposal proceeds) PLUS the interest received.

Note:  Your Bank Account balance should now have returned to the balance shown prior to the entry of the interest income and your Assets list should show the new term deposit or bond at the total rolled-over value.