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Change of stock code

Step 1

Create a new Asset Holding via the Add New Asset page.

Select the Asset Class and Asset Category in the Holding Field.

Select New Holding Only and Record the New Stock Code ‘OBL’ and New Asset Name, then Save the Asset.

Step 2

Go to the Assets page.

Click on the Asset IMF that has changed its Name.

In the Holding field select Stock OBL From the dropdown

and Click Update Asset.

Please Note while creating New Share that has changed its name and Code record the correct Asset class and Asset Category.

Note:  If it is an opening balance asset, go to Fund Set up / Investments then click on the Asset that has changed its name and security code.

Select the New Asset created in the Holding Field dropdown and update the Asset.

The user will also need to rollover the year in the Financial Periods only then it can be changed and then close the FY.