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Correcting allocation errors

Transactions previously allocated via the legacy interface will have an Allocated indicator link in the Status column.

Clicking the link opens the allocated transaction. A  DELETE  button is available to cancel the allocation if it is incorrect.

Deleting the transaction restores the entry as unallocated and you can then allocate again.

Note:  For some transactions, clicking the Allocated link will display a REVERSE option instead of DELETE.  Current work-in-progress includes improvements to the current level of editability.

If you click the Allocated link for an Asset Purchase, Mclowd displays the Edit New Asset screen. You can choose to DELETE ASSET, or you can elect to make changes to data in fields with green ticks in the image  below and UPDATE ASSET. 

Note:  Although Mclowd does permit changes to the From Account (bank account from which payment was made), Purchase Date and Total Cost, changing this would result in a bank reconciliation error and an incorrect statement, since logically the payment was made from the bank account in which this transaction was listed and was made on the date and in the amount noted in the bank data.