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Create Reports Pack

Note: the reports pack is only available to those who are Pro or Premium practitioner or users. If you are a Free User and want the reports pack, then you will need to upgrade to Pro or Premium.

To access the Reports pack, select Reports on the Menu.

You will then see the Reports screen. This screen will have a large range of reports, including Asset Reports, Banking Reports, Portfolio Reports, Tax Reports, and various templates including Audit Report and Trustee Resolutions.

Note: The Reports Pack feature is only available to users of the Pro and Premium versions. Further details of inclusions can be viewed on the Practitioner and Trustee pricing pages.

If you want to Select All, tick the box at the top of the list (refer to screenshot below).

You can run a report pack at any time by selecting CREATE REPORTS PACK.

You will now see the Create Reports Pack screen. You will need to:

  • Name the reports pack
  • Select the financial year

If you want, you can change the ordering of the reports under Report Ordering. Click on the symbol to the left of the report to either move the report down or up the list.

Once you have named the reports pack, selected the financial year and reviewed the order, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select SAVE REPORTS PACK.

Note: Tax Practitioners will have an option to save this report as a template for use on other funds they represent. To enable this, tick the box next to “Save this report pack as a template to use on other fund clients”. Further information on the resultant screen is discussed further below under ‘Tax Practitioner Report Pack Template’.

You will then see the Reports Pack screen. You will see a message which will inform you that the reports pack was successfully created but will take a few minutes to generate. Mclowd will send you an email once the reports pack is ready to be downloaded.

The Reports Pack screen will display the list of packs you have created. Initially you will see a Download Pending action for the report. Once you have seen the email, refresh the screen and you will see that the reports will now be available.

Select the Download link next to the reports package you wish to produce. Another window on your browser should open and you will be able to see all the reports generated. This PDF can be saved.

Tax Practitioners Report Pack Template

If you are a Tax Practitioners who has created the reports pack for a fund and indicated that you want to create a report template for other funds you act for, you will be taken to a reports screen where you will see a list of fund clients. You can select the report template to be used for all fund clients by clicking on the top right box – or individually select the fund clients you wish to use that template for.