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Entries screens allowing four decimal places

For the optimum combination of accuracy and efficiency, Mclowd allows data entry and/or displays calculated values to four decimal places when:

  • Adding New income: franked and unfranked dividend amounts
  • Reinvested Income:
    • Reinvested unit cost
    • Reinvested amount
    • Over/Under
    • Cumulative balance
  • Adding or editing New Asset (AQ) or an Asset Opening Balance and viewing Asset Reports
    • entering/viewing volume
    • entering/viewing Unit price
    • entering/viewing Total Price
    • viewing balances
    • entering/viewing exercise Price
    • entering property Legal Fees
    • entering/viewing transaction Costs
  • Entering/Viewing/Editing Asset disposals
    • entering volume and price (PS/PM)
    • viewing disposal Balance
    • entering/viewing disposal Transaction Costs
    • entering/viewing disposal Unit Price
    • entering/viewing disposal Volume
  • Processing Asset Valuations and viewing reports
    • entering/editing Revaluation at Migration (MR) and fields on assets that are saved at this time (but not used elsewhere)
    • entering/editing gain at migration
  • Processing Valuation at Year End (MR) and fields on assets that are saved at this time (but not used elsewhere)
    • editing/viewing gain at year end
    • entering/editing revaluations at year end
  • Adding a New Expense
  • Adding a Payment
  • Adding a Contribution (including an InSpecie Contribution)
  • Adding a Roll In
  • Adding Member Opening Balances
  • Adding a New Opening Balance Entry
  • Adding an Opening Balance Receivable or Liability Entry
  • Manual Journal Entries (JE)
    • displaying
    • calculating totals
    • saving