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Introduction to suspense allocations (Pro version)

Mclowd provides users with two options in terms of suspense allocations:

  • A legacy interface (available to all users)
  • An upgraded interface which incorporates a tabular interface for faster transaction processing (for which access is restricted to Pro and Premium users only)


  • The suspense allocation function – in either mode – is not suitable for adding a new property or any additions to that property
  • That should be done only via Add New Asset or Assets screens
  • However you can allocate property-related rental income and deductions via suspense allocation

This balance of this introductory article relates to the Pro version interface.

Once you have imported your bank data:

  • Choose Suspense Allocation from the Transactions menu
  • You will then see the Allocate Suspense Entries screen

From the Allocate Suspense Entries, you will see a list of transactions that are available for allocation.

You can sort via the following columns:

  • Entry ID
  • Date.
  • Source Account
  • Reference
  • Description.
  • Member Account
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Actions

You can also use the Search FUNCTION in the top right corner to search for a particular transaction.

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