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Managing assets

The assets tab displays a list of all the assets held by your Fund and provides a button menu to enable you to add an asset, dispose of an asset, value assets, and perform corporate actions.

You can also edit certain details of your holding, or delete an asset. These options are necessarily restricted to prevent accidental changes or deletions that would render your records invalid. For example, you cannot delete an asset that has income earnings against it.












At top right of the screen, a drop-down account selection list allows you to select whether to view the assets of the Fund, or a list of segregated assets held by one of the members.








Note:  The account drop-down shows both Fund and Entire Fund as well as individual member names. Choosing Fund will display the assets owned by the Fund, excluding any segregated assets held by individual members. Choosing a member name will display only the segregated assets owned by that member. Choosing Entire Fund will display all assets, regardless of ownership.

Your Assets List divides assets into various categories, providing sub-totals for each category.












Depending on the asset type, Mclowd provides information about purchase date and capitalised cost, volume held, market value, total value, unrealised gain or loss, and corporate actions.

For Fixed Interest assets, the Maturity Date and Interest rate are displayed, along with total value. For cash accounts, the cash balance is shown.