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Manual bank import

Click the Manual Import button within the Transactions tab.

A list of your bank accounts will be displayed.

Note:  Instructions button at top left provides instructions for preparing your import file, and a sample spreadsheet showing the correct import file format.

Mclowd displays a file selection dialog.

Click the BROWSE button and locate the CSV file you prepared for import.

Below the File selection field, an Allocate option field is provided. Selecting one of the three Suspense Accounts shown in the option list results in all imported transactions being autosaved to that Suspense account and Verified.

If you leave this field set to ”No allocations” you will be able to allocate all transactions manually.

Transactions allocated to Suspense Accounts, either individually or in bulk by selecting an account here, must later be re-allocated from Suspense using the Suspense Allocation feature described in Entering Transactions via Bank Data Feed: Reallocating from Suspense.


Note:  If there are any problems with the uploaded data, an error message will be displayed. Mclowd™ may display an error message noting particular line numbers if, for example, a line contains a blank field, or a message line is included in the file. Any blanks need to be filled and message lines deleted in the file preparation process.

Mclowd should show a message that the import was successful.

You can now click the Allocate link for the bank account to which you just imported data and begin data Allocation. Refer to for instructions on allocating imported transactions.