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Marketplace – introduction

When signing up to the Mclowd SMSF accounting software Trustee users will automatically be created as ‘buyers’, and Practitioners will automatically be created as a ‘seller’ (although those users can also purchase via the Marketplace as well).

User can navigate to the Marketplace from either the Help or More tabs.

Note:  While the Marketplace is technically a separate hosted environment, login credentials are the same as the Platform.  It is suggested that users save these credentials into their browser, so that navigation to the Marketplace is seamless.

The Marketplace offers SMSF Professionals with a channel to market for their services, while allowing Trustees to access qualified providers who are familiar with Mclowd.

Service categories include:

  • Audit
  • Accounting
  • Ad hoc administration
  • Lodgement
  • Legal
  • Advice

Buyers can

Sellers can


  • Mclowd does not charge a fee to buyers for accessing the Marketplace or making purchases, however a 10% transaction fee is incorporated into the price quoted by the seller
  • Funds relating to specific purchases are held in escrow pending confirmation (from the buyer) that services have been delivered