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Member details

Until full details of at least one member have been entered, you may see an error dialogue appear when accessing other screens, warning that Member Details are missing.

To avoid encountering this error message, take care to ensure that all data for at least one member has been entered before proceeding past this option.

Choose ADD NEW MEMBER and complete all the relevant details. Choose SAVE MEMBER DETAILS. Repeat process for all members. This process will create an Accumulation account for each member.

Note: You need to ensure that you have Tax File numbers for all members, as you cannot Add a New Member without a TFN.

Member with an Account Based Pension or Transition to Retirement Pension

If you have a Member who is in receipt of some form of pension, then you need to make sure you highlight that member under Member List and then please choose ADD MEMBER ACCOUNT.

You will now see the Member Account screen. You will need to complete the information on this screen and then choose SAVE DETAILS.

You will then get a message that the details were successfully updated. You will also see that the member concerned now has two accounts – an Accumulation and an Account Based Pension account.