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Member weighted average

Choose the arrow to the right of Please Select… in the Member Weighted Average step to choose whether to Accept Default % or Review and Edit MWA %.

If you Accept Default %, Mclowd will calculate member profit/loss share and tax obligations based on the default % stored.

Choose the SAVE button to confirm your selection and move on.

If you choose to Review & Edit MWA, the EDIT button lights. Choose EDIT to display the stored Profit and Loss and Income Tax Defaults.

Override fields are displayed in which you can enter your preferred values.

Choose RESET at the bottom of either the Profit/Loss column or Income Tax column to reset to defaults if you make an error entering new values.

When you are happy with the displayed values, choose SAVE. A confirmation message will be displayed. Choose OK.

Mclowd returns you to the Step Menu so you can progress to the next step (ECPI Calculation Method).

Note: Even with the MWA profile saved, you can still choose the EDIT button at any time to make changes.