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New revaluations screen

Our new Revaluations screen allows you to see a history of your “Revaluation Groups” and also the history of your “Purchase Valuations”. You can also create Ad Hoc valuations and add new purchase valuations on this screen. (Please note this deployment is scheduled for Monday August 24th).

A “Revaluation Group” corresponds to one of the following valuations:

  • Migration
  • Year end
  • Interim period
  • Ad hoc

A “Purchase Valuation” is the purchase details for any asset you have purchased.  Purchase valuations will be created for any future purchases (including reinvestment scheme purchases) you undertake in Mclowd.  You can also Create New Purchase Valuations for the part purchases in Mclowd, but you need to do this manually (further details below)

To access the new Revaluation screen, please choose Assets then choose Revaluations

You will then see the new Revaluations Screen

On this screen you will see a list of “Revaluation Groups” and “Purchase Valuations”

Revaluations Groups

The Revaluation groups for closed years are VIEW only.  You can only EDIT those if you reopen the relevant financial year. Where you see EDIT or DELETE in the ACTIONS column then you can either Edit or Delete that valuation.

Purchase Valuations

You can also Edit or Delete Purchase valuations.  If it is a past valuation, then deleting it will put it in the To Do List.

If you look at the RIGHT button above Revaluation Groups you will see that its says CREATE NEW PURCHASE VALUATIONS (93 TO DO).  You should choose this button and proceed to Create New Purchase Valuations for all past purchases.  You only need to do this once.

How do I create Add New Purchase Valuations for past purchases?

On the Revaluation screen, please choose CREATE NEW PURCHASE VALUATION

On the Create Asset Purchase Valuation screen, choose Select against Asset Parcel and then select an Asset parcel.

When you select an Asset parcel, you will see the following screen.

Choose SAVE or SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER if you are happy with the data.

If you chose SAVE AND ADD ANOTHER then proceed to action the other asset purchases until you have finished all of them.