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Online lodgement

An online lodgement facility is available (Pro and Premium users) via our Partner LodgeIT for all years from 2017/18.

Note: Our year end process for all years will show “Download Tax File for LodgeIT” as an Action, but you cannot use LodgeIT to lodge for any years prior to 2017/18.

Once your year-end processing is fully completed and you have rolled the GL and closed the year, you can download the SMSFAR Extract (which contains the financial data you need to complete your Fund tax return).

Go to Financial Periods on the Settings Menu to open the Financial Periods screen.

Click the Actions menu for the year you closed.

The following page will be displayed.

Depending on what information is entered in your Fund Setup screen, Mclowd may need further information.

If not entered in Fund Setup, Mclowd will need to enter your Auditor information. You can enter the auditor’s name, company name or ABN to activate a search. Start typing, and Mclowd™™will drop down a selection list. When you make a selection, Mclowd will fill in the name, auditor number, and any address and telephone details the software can access.

You may also need to enter or select your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) account and the account to which any tax refund should be paid.

You can select from the drop-down list, but if the preferred account is not registered in your Mclowd bank accounts, you can enter account details manually. Selecting to enter manually will open Account Name, BSB and Account Number fields.

When you have filled the form, click DOWNLOAD TAX DATA EXTRACT.

Your computer system will ask what you wish to do with the Mclowd_SMSFARyyyy_LodgeIT_<SuperFundName>_<date>.xml file.