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Save a journal entry with today’s date

Users have reported issue when creating journal entries using the current (‘today’s date’) date. To reduce the potential for errors resulting from inadvertently entering an incorrect date, Mclowd restricts date entry as follows:

  • You cannot create a journal entry with a date that falls in a year that has been closed
  • You cannot create a future dated journal entry (as determined by reference to the current UTC time)

Mclowd works on UTC time (Co-ordinated Universal time). This the primary standard by which the world regulates clocks and time, and is within about a second of mean solar time at 0 degrees latitude. It is not adjusted for daylight saving time. Depending where you are when attempting to create a journal entry, it may be still ‘yesterday’ UTC time, and therefore when you enter the current date, Mclowd will regard it as tomorrow’s date and disallow it. (For example, at 9 am Sydney time, UTC time is 11pm the previous day. Mclowd would disallow a journal entry created up to 10am Sydney time and dated the day entry. ) Your options for correction are either to wait until later in the day, checking UTC time if necessary, or to simply enter yesterday’s date (where a one day variation in the date of a transaction is not critical).