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Selecting holding type

Having selected an Asset Type, you be asked to choose whether to create a New Holding only or a New Holding and Parcel, or to choose an existing asset if you are adding to an existing holding.

Usually, you would select New holding and new parcel, as New holding only does not let you record any actual share ownership.

Creating a New Holding Only will not add to the value of your Investments.





For some entity types (e.g. direct equities, managed funds, unit trusts, hybrids and direct property) If you already have a holding in an entity and you are adding to your existing holding, select the holding from the list.
















If you select to enter a new holding or new holding and parcel, then select an entity in which you already have a holding, Mclowd will remind you that a holding with that stock code already exists and ask you do you wish to add to it, or create a new holding.