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Setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (known as MFA or two-step verification) is an advanced security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. After it has been enabled on your account you will be asked to enter an additional security code when you sign in. This means that even if someone has managed to acquire your username and password, they still can’t get into your account without the separate one-time code.

Note: MFA is mandatory for Practitioner users.

The MFA function is found under the Settings tab.

Step 1: If you have an iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device, search your app store for an authenticator app.

There are many authenticator apps available today for most smartphones, and the majority of them will work with your Mclowd account.

We recommend using LastPass Authenticator for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. (Please search Google for the most appropriate authenticator app for your BlackBerry device.)

With an authenticator app, you can get security codes even if your phone isn’t connected to a cellular network. An authenticator app will generate a new security code every 30 seconds.

Step 2: Install the app and then open it.

Step 3: Pair the app with your Mclowd account by scanning this bar code with the authenticator app.

Step 4: Verify that the pairing was successful by entering an authentication code when prompted.

Note: Authenticator codes are time-dependent. If you get an error message please ensure that the date / time on your phone is correct and set to “automatic”.