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TBAR – managing intermediaries

Appointing an Intermediary: Completing the Mclowd™ Form

To list an Intermediary in Mclowd, click the TBAR Tab.

The last option on the Mclowd™ TBAR Menu is Manage Intermediaries.

This feature enables you to Add, Edit or Delete and appointed Intermediary and/or assign and unassign Intermediaries to Fund(s).

In order to create a TBAR Event, you must first Assign an Intermediary. Only duly appointed Intermediaries are eligible to file TBAR reports with the ATO.

Appointing an Intermediary: Advising the ATO

If you appoint an Intermediary who is not listed with the ATO as a person or entity authorised to make lodgements on behalf of your SMSF, you may need to advise the ATO of the authorisation.

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