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Technical support – Trustees

Alongside the Knowledge Base, Mclowd provides Trustee users with various options in terms of Technical Support.

Pro and Premium users are provided with online technical support as part of their annual subscription, while users on the Free Forever version can purchase online assistance on an ad hoc basis for $20.

Regardless of subscription new Trustee users can also purchase Migration Support at a cost of $200. This service includes:

• Entry of opening balances
• 1:1 online training if required

The above model is designed to allow Trustees to do as much as possible themselves, while providing back-up when and where they need it.

In addition, Trustees are encouraged to engage with the dozens of service providers in the Mclowd Marketplace, where rates for ad hoc assistance start from as low as $20 per hour, with many other service lines also being available:

  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Advice
  • Annual administration

If you have a specific query, simply navigate to the Technical Support page within the Help tab.

We also encourage all users to submit feedback on suggested improvements. The feedback link is available within the Help navigation as described above.

Engaging with the Support Team

Mclowd uses a third-party application called Freshdesk to manage the workflow associated with providing technical support to Trustee users.

Note: The system is not designed for Mclowd users to login, and your Mclowd credentials will not work with Freshdesk.

As per the following example, simply reply to any notification as you would any other email, including:

  • Attachments
  • Adding a cc recipient

Once you have submitted a ticket you will receive an automated email notification from Mclowd acknowledging receipt of your request.

Subsequent responses will be received in a similar manner.

Once the ticket is closed you will receive a final confirmation.