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Template documents

ATO Documents

This folder contains a Transfer Balance Account Report form, provided as a PDF document. Although Pro and Premium users can prepare and lodge their TBAR reports online, users who prefer to lodge manually can use this template to prepare the report.

Audit Documents

In the Audit section, a handy Audit Check list is supplied as an MS Word™ file.  It lists all the documents Professionals should supply to their client’s auditor and provides a convenient form for supplying necessary information and a template declaration for a Trustee or director of the Trustee company to sign.

Cashflow Forecast

The Cashflow Forecast is a template for listing current cash holdings and anticipated outgoings.

Investment Strategy

To comply with relevant SIS regulations, Trustees should review the Fund investment strategy regularly.   The Investment Strategy template makes it easy to create a neatly formatted Strategy document that should meet with auditor requirements.

Member Declarations

Trustees of funds with members aged between 65 and 74 and not fully retired may find the Work Test Declaration template in the Member Declarations section useful.


Fund Trustees have an obligation to Minute meetings of Trustees and to ensure their discussions and decisions about certain matters are recorded in an appropriate form. Auditors may wish to inspect Minutes, and records must, by law, be retained in the Fund’s files. The Minutes section of Template Documents provides a convenient set of templates for minuting:

  • Meetings of Directors
  • Capital Withdrawals
  • Receipts of Non-Concessional Contributions, and
  • Trustee Company Minutes

as well as a general Minutes template for documenting other resolutions.


The Pension section contains a Minimum Pension Calculation template that lists the current % draw requirements for pensioner members and enables Trustees to enter member name, Benefit, % and Minimum pension draw and then to keep running details of pension draws in a table to ensure compliance with laws governing the amount that must be drawn annually from a pension account.

Reports Pack

The Reports Pack section contains a template to enable easy creation of a Compilation Report. This document is designed for the use of Professionals supplying Report Packs to clients.