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Updating the HIN or SRN for your share assets

In Mclowd, you can include the Holder Identification Number (HIN) for Chess Sponsored shares or the Security Reference Number (SRN) for Issuer Sponsored shares when you add the shares or other similar assets to Mclowd. This is usually done when you migrate your data to Mclowd or when you purchase new shares.

There are occasions where you may change from Chess Sponsored to Issuer Sponsored or vice versa after you have added your shares to Mclowd.

Mclowd allows you to edit your holding to change the HIN or SRN or any other information relating to that asset.

To access the relevant assets to edit, please select the Assets tab in the Menu and then all your assets will display.

For every asset you wish to change the details for, please select it from the displayed list (refer to screen above).

Mclowd displays the entered acquisition details including any HINs and SRNs already recorded against that asset. Please select EDIT HOLDING – which is in the lower right corner of the screen (you may need to scroll down to see it).

If you select EDIT HOLDING, the following will be displayed:

On this screen, in addition to updating the HIN or SRN, you can update the stock code, its asset name and listing status.

On the above screen, type in the HIN or SRN and overwrite the old HIN or SRN.

Note: Mclowd will not automatically delete the old HIN or SRN.

Once you have corrected the HIN or SRN, select UPDATE HOLDING.

You will now see the Assets screen again. If required you can update other SRNs or HINs for other holdings.