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During the 2020s, key technologies will converge to completely disrupt the five foundational sectors that underpin the global economy, and with them every major industry in the world today.

In information, energy, food, transportation, and materials, costs will fall by a 10x or more, while production processes an order of magnitude more efficient will use 90% fewer natural resources with 10x-100x less waste.”

James Arbib & Tony Seba, Rethinking Humanity, June 2020


I have a confession to make: I haven’t had my car serviced in nearly five years.

The reason I haven’t had my car serviced in five years is because my car is little more than a lithium-ion battery on four wheels (and other than those wheels has virtually no moving parts).

I mention this because the fact that EVs do not require regular servicing forms part of the fact that their running costs are up to 90% less than petrol-driven vehicles.

Which is a remarkable coincidence, because that is precisely the per-unit price deflation that Stanford University academic Tony Seba and his colleague James Arbib have predicted in their new book Rethinking Humanity.

Community Statistics

As the Mclowd Community solidifies statistics are being generated that will support improved governance. The following have been generated from active usage during the month of June.

Active Users:

  • Practitioner – 33%
  • Trustee – 67%

Practitioner Versioning:

  • Free Forever – 14%
  • Pro – 80%
  • Premium – 6%

Trustee Versioning:

  • Free Forever – 45%
  • Pro – 37%
  • Premium – 18%

In particular these insights will assist in the ongoing prioritisation of our development efforts.


I encourage anyone involved in the deployment or ongoing management of capital to engage with the above material.

SMSF investors and their advisors have now left behind the debt-fuelled nominal returns of the last twenty years, and are now operating in an environment where the preservation of capital involves the absence of nominal yield.

However if Seba and Arbib are correct in their hypothesis, we are about to enter a decade in which the preservation of capital becomes impossible (you cannot maintain the pre-existing stock of capital under circumstances where per unit prices fall 90%, no matter how much money Phillip and his monetary cohort choose to print).

The focus will instead be on the defence of capital.

Defence against the overwhelming forces of deflation.


In their book Seba and Arbib talk of “Product design and development being performed collaboratively over information networks”.

Which is another remarkable coincidence.

Because that it precisely the manner in which the Mclowd Community has evolved since its inception.


Ashley Porter

Managing Director
Mclowd Pty Ltd