The last few weeks have seen a steady increase in activity across the Marketplace, and we have been very encouraged by the support which has been received from both Clients and SMSF Professionals.

Marketplace 2.0

As I mentioned in the February Newsletter we will shortly be releasing version 2.0 of the Marketplace, which has involved a redesign of the taxonomy.

While our focus in relation to the accounting software must remain on the SMSF sector (there is a lot of work still to be done), there is no reason why products and services in the Marketplace cannot be expanded more rapidly.

As a consequence we will be segmenting products and services into three categories:

•    SMSF
•    Business
•    Personal

While there will be only limited change for existing suppliers, this move is designed to make it easier for non-SMSF specialists to promote their services to a global audience

At the same time we will be making a clearer distinction between ‘Services’ (time-based billing) and ‘Products’ which do not lend themselves to that sort of model (such as insurance, investment products or broking).

For these providers we are developing a referral model designed to create a cost-effective channel to market.

Search Results

As flagged in the last Marketplace Update, the ordering of search results is now determined by a combination of:

•    Client feedback
•    Marketplace earnings
•    Proposal submission

While it will take time for the full import to be understood, transparency within the Mclowd Marketplace will reinforce high-quality customer service outcomes at a fraction of the cost of the current regulatory environment.

(Reducing regulatory costs is just another way in which Mclowd will improve net returns for investors, while creating a scalable marketing platform for Product and Service providers).

Platform Integration

We are conscious that improved integration between the accounting Platform and Marketplace is important.

The first stage of this integration (single sign on for Platform Users) is slated for delivery in April.

Advisory Board

We would like to see Marketplace growth reflected in the composition of the Advisory Board, which to date has been skewed towards Trustee Users of the accounting Platform.

If you are a financial services professional or product provider who would like to play a greater role in the evolution of the Mclowd Community feel free to contact me on 0402 117 935

Thanks again for your support of our efforts to improve net returns for investors.