Welcome to the Mclowd Practitioner Update.


With the new asset revaluation architecture bedded down, our immediate development efforts can now be directed to targets which require a fraction of the time and effort that was involved in that project.

As such Practitioner users can expect to see product updates more regularly moving forward.

Recent Product Outcomes

To that end we have recently deployed support for a number of demergers, including the Woolworths / Endeavour Group transaction.

Details of those demergers and other current activity are set out in the September quarter Release Notes.

Training Webinar

We have scheduled our next Introductory Webinar for 12:30pm AEDT Wednesday November 10th.

As this will be our last such event for the year, existing and prospective users are encouraged to attend.



2022 and Delivering Automation

In terms of our 2021 goals, resolving the gaps in product architecture associated with corporate actions has had to take precedence over other aspirations, including the use of machine learning to deliver transactional automation.

We will not face the same challenge – in terms of resources – in 2022, nor will the integration of machine learning (into the existing allocations interface) require anything like the same amount of effort.

As the models are exposed to more and more data, they will learn and improve organically, without proportionate development effort.

As such – while Mclowd remains a small Team – our efforts should benefit from greater and greater leverage moving forward.


Ashley Porter
Managing Director
Mclowd Group Pty Ltd