Welcome to the Mclowd Practitioner Update for September 2016.


Growth in users numbers continues to propel Mclowd forward, and in the process support ongoing investment in the technology and processes underpinning the Community.

Corporate Actions

Support has now been released for the NAB/CYBG demerger, and the following additional corporate actions have also been scheduled:

  • Vocus / MTU
  • Recall / Iron Mountain
  • Caltex buyback

Online Lodgement

As flagged in previous communications, we have been working on the ability for users to submit their SMSF tax return online.

Consistent with our overall strategy we have worked with our Partner LodgeIT to drive down the cost of delivering this functionality, which will attract a per annum fee of just $5.00 ex GST.

We expect this service to be available for FY16 returns during the December quarter.

Once they have completed the year-end rollover, users will download a file from their Mclowd account, and then upload this file to LodgeIT, from where they can submit direct to the ATO.

In advance of release we will publish User Manual / video content to assist users.

Training Seminars

Based on the success of recent events, additional Training Seminars have been scheduled as follows:

  • Sydney – September 29th
  • Melbourne – October 14th
  • Brisbane – October 25th

Places are limited, and with a 50% early-bird discount available it will pay to book early.

For further information simply click on one of the following links:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Broker Data

Thanks to our Partner SISS Data Services, automated feeds for brokerage accounts (Comsec, eTrade, etc) is due for release at the end of this month.

The cost will be $40 per annum, ex GST, however as per the note below, bundled pricing will also be available.

Bundled Pricing for In-App Purchases:

As was always the intention, Mclowd employs a freemium pricing strategy.

Access to the core software is – and will always be – free for the simple reason that it costs Mclowd nothing for users to access that functionality, irrespective of volume.

Instead we charge for in-app purchases, applying a reasonable margin over cost. As the software has matured and the number of add-ons has grown, it is now possible for us to bundle these related products as follows:


While Mclowd does not yet represent an apples-for-apples comparison with platforms such as SF360 and Class, as we close this gap Mclowd will eventually offer an equivalent outcome, but at a price point that is 50-70% lower than those incumbents.

(Unlike Class – which charges $275 inc GST per annum irrespective of Fund profile – we have made every effort to break out the various elements of these costs, so practitioners only pay for the functionality their clients require).


Many thanks to all the trustee and practitioner users who have been submitting queries and feedback, which have been received in record numbers over the last couple of months.

This input has been invaluable in terms of prioritising our efforts, and this feedback loop continues to drive material improvements to the functionality and usability of Mclowd.


Graeme McGuire
Product Manager
Mclowd Pty Ltd