Welcome to the Mclowd Trustee User Update.

Introduction – Improved Support for Corporate Actions

Based on your feedback Mclowd has now made significant improvements to the manner in which asset valuations are managed, including updates to the revaluation and asset screens.

The primary outcome from this project has been to provide all users with the ability to maintain a better historical record of valuations. Of particular importance, cost bases can now be updated to reflect the impact of corporate actions.

In addition the asset architecture for managed funds has been upgraded to match that of direct equities, representing a material improvement in terms of usability.

Detailed guidance is set out in the Knowledge Base and Release Notes, and all users – existing or prospective – are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new functionality.

Training Webinar

We have scheduled a Training Webinar for 12:30pm AEST Wednesday September 8th, during which Team Member Mike Corrigan will take users through the new functionality.

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Knowledge Base

Based on your feedback we have also published dozens of new video tutorials, spanning fund set up through to year end processing, as well online lodgement.


Delivering a methodology for managing the impact of corporate actions represents an inflexion point in the evolution of Mclowd, and will underpin:

  • Improved support for Trustee users
  • A reduction in ticketing activity (a significant proportion of FY21 support requests arose from the issues that have now been resolved by this release)
  • As such ongoing growth of the Community


Ashley Porter
Managing Director
Mclowd Group Pty Ltd