Welcome to the Mclowd Trustee User Update.


While expansionary monetary and fiscal policy settings continue to inflate certain asset classes, those efforts have only managed to accelerate the decline in yields being experienced by investors.

By way of example, the average PE ratio for the All Ordinaries index has hovered (in a tight band) around 15 for the last forty years.

However as this chart illustrates, that figure is now approaching 60. While not as extreme, compression of yields has been the norm in residential and commercial property for more than a decade. (Trends that are now being amplified by the growth in passive, index-based investments, the future yield of which will inevitably reflect the above statistics).

These metrics will inevitably alter the economics of superannuation (SMSF or otherwise) for many years to come.

Recent Deliverables

Trustees will shortly have access to a portal where periodic valuations can be managed in a unified manner (to the extent they are not already automated). This project will address historical weaknesses in how asset history has been handled.

A brief screen video of the new interface / functionality can be accessed here.

Full details of recent product outcomes and current WIP are available in the December quarter Release Notes.

Knowledge Base

The content of the Knowledge Base is subject to a process of continual improvement based on:

  • User feedback
  • Support tickets
  • Delivery of product enhancements

There are now some 300 articles, video tutorials and PDF downloads available.

Crowdfunding Campaign Update / 2021 Pricing

The recent crowdfunding campaign raised $2,000, representing only 4% of our original target.

While any and all support is welcome, under these circumstances it is now necessary to raise the Pro version subscription fee in order that we are better able to:

  • Engage with our current WIP targets
  • Provide better access to technical support (for which Trustees have been reluctant to pay separately)

From February 15 the Pro version licence fee will increase to $90 p.a., balanced out by the bundling of increased access to technical support (the first three tickets will be included in that subscription).

For applicable Trustee users the rise will only take effect upon their next renewal, however the improved access to support will be applied from next month.

There will be no change to the cost of accessing support for Free Forever users, who will continue to pay $20 per ticket.

The cost of bank or broker feeds will also be unchanged (and in due course we aim to provide open banking data as part of the Pro version).


While the Development Team have achieved much of what they set out to, the reality is that Mclowd is still a work-in-progress.

However given the current – and expected future – investment landscape, the imperative for Mclowd to deliver on its vision for lower administration costs is now greater than ever.


Ashley Porter
Managing Director
Mclowd Pty Ltd