Welcome to the Mclowd Trustee User Update.


With the end of financial year upon us, the Mclowd Team is focused on delivering improvements that will assist Trustee users to prepare their accounts and engage with auditors and other professional service providers (including via the Marketplace).

Current priorities include:

  • Improved integration with our lodgement Partner LodgeIT
  • Further simplification of year end workflow
  • Year end reports pack

Introductory Webinar

Existing and prospective users looking for more information on current and planned features are welcome to join our next Introductory Webinar on Thursday July 5th at 12:30pm AEST.


Trustee Upgrades

As per last week’s Community Newsletter, we appreciate the support shown by so many Trustees in upgrading their accounts to the Pro version ($33 per annum).

It goes without saying that the success of the Community goes hand in hand with the commercial success of Mclowd Pty Ltd (and vice versa), so this is an important inflexion point in our collective journey.

Technical Support

The number of registered Trustee users will shortly pass the 4,000 mark, which will be a great milestone for the Community.

However continued growth in active users is (not surprisingly) being reflected in the number of requests for technical support.

In light of the demand being placed on the Community’s resources, we will need to move access to this support into the Pro version.

At the same time we remain focused on improving self-help options for those users on the Free Forever version of the software.

This will include:

  • Continued updates to the User Manual
  • Video tutorials
  • Integrating this content into the user interface
  • Implementation of a Community-based support forum, where Trustee and
  • Practitioner users can post a query and offer each other peer-to-peer guidance

In addition all users will be able to submit feedback via the public website without being logged into their account.


This time of year is an opportunity for the Community to grow and strengthen, not just in terms of the number of active users, but also the technology infrastructure at their disposal.

Be assured that myself and the whole Mclowd Team are focused on delivering both.


Graeme McGuire

Product Manager
Mclowd Pty Ltd