Welcome to the Mclowd Trustee User Update.


The market corrections that have occurred in recent months are a timely reminder of the need to maintain a tight rein on costs in order to maximise net returns / retirement outcomes.

The Mclowd Community was established with just such an environment in mind, and we will continue to invest in order to help users (both Trustee and Practitioner) to drive down their per-unit costs.

User Manual / Self Help Content

Improving self-help options is one of the ways we can achieve this outcome, and given the extent of the improvements that have been delivered over the course of this year, a full refresh of the User Manuals was overdue.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Trustee User Lorraine (and Support Manager Rea Ceynas), we have now delivered on the following:

Support Team

In addition we have six SMSF specialists providing online technical support to Pro and Premium users, and based on your feedback we are investigating how we could go about enabling telephone support in the future.

The Mclowd AI Journey

As flagged in earlier communications, we have begun to build and train machine learning models in order to drive workflow automation (in a manner identical to incumbents, but at a fraction of the price they are seeking to charge).

Active and prospective users can follow this journey via our dedicated AI blog, and will begin to see these efforts reflected within the existing allocations screen shortly.

Transaction Screen

While the whole Team are excited to be leveraging AI and open banking to accelerate the Mclowd journey, the primary focus remains delivering on the upgrade to the Centralised Transactions Screen.

The first iteration is due out in the coming weeks, and we will build on this version in the New Year based on your feedback.

Reports Pack

This is the approach that was taken with the Reports Pack, and we have already begun deploying changes based on input from active users.

Speaking of his participation Practitioner Tim Friswell had this to say:

“It only took a matter of days for my feedback to start appearing in production.

This is a very powerful model for driving the software towards functional equivalence with the incumbent platforms, but at a fraction of the cost.”


The fact that users such as Lorraine and Tim are so actively involved in driving the Community forward reflects the fundamentally different governance structure which Mclowd has pioneered.

As the functionality continues to mature, the benefits if this approach are there for all to see in the pricing page.

As always, please keep the feedback coming.


Ashley Porter
Managing Director
Mclowd Pty Ltd