Welcome to the Mclowd Trustee User Update.


While emerging trends such as open banking and artificial intelligence are creating powerful tailwinds for the Mclowd Community, we are conscious that thousands of active users require that we continue to focus our efforts on improving the core functionality each and every day.

The content of this Trustee User Update reflects those efforts, which are closely aligned with your ongoing feedback.

Reports Pack

Trustee users can now generate a year end Reports Pack which incorporates not just the relevant Fund reports, but also related documentation (such as notes to the financial statements along with relevant declarations / resolutions).

This has been one of the biggest gaps holding back large scale migration to the Community, and we are pleased that users of Mclowd can now:

  • Manage transactional data throughout the year
  • Generate a year end Reports Pack
  • Lodge the tax return online

all for just $33 per annum (inc GST).

Other Improvements

Other recent improvements include:

  • Support for the Westfield demerger
  • Template documents (minutes, etc) are also now available under Settings

In addition, users can now view a suite of video tutorials from within the Help Centre, and we will continue to build upon this initial content, based on the various queries being received by the Support Team.

Transaction Screen

With the Reports Pack under our belt the focus will now shift to the upgrade to the Transactions Screen, which will enable:

  • Improved editability
  • Transactions splitting
  • Bulk coding
  • Improved support for GST
  • Allocation rules

As per the most recent Newsletter, in the New Year users will also begin to see further automation options, driven by our deployment of machine learning. (I am personally overseeing the AI journey at Mclowd, and users will be able to keep track of our progress via a dedicated blog).


Over the next few years the financial services landscape will be reconstituted.

Royal commissions (not to mention class action lawsuits) will no longer be required, because transparency and consumer sovereignty will have prevailed, and the full deflationary impact of new technologies will have been unleashed.

As always, please keep the feedback coming.


Ashley Porter
Managing Director
Mclowd Pty Ltd