With ongoing growth in user numbers – including amongst practitioners – Mclowd is continually investing in its free SMSF accounting software in order to both increase functionality and improve usability.

Year End Workflow

At present users are required to run a number of steps to allocate P&L, tax, contributions, and payments to member accounts. This will be reduced to the minimum number of steps required, with the target being to create a “single button” for year end allocations.

In the interim we have drafted a Year End Manual which should assist everyone.  It can be downloaded here and will also be available from the Financial Periods page.

Training Seminars

We have had a good response to the Sydney Seminar which is being held on April 26th, and based on interest from users we have scheduled a similar session for Melbourne on May 20th.

Both trustees and practitioners are welcome (and a few places are still available for Sydney).  For further details and to register simply follow the relevant link.


We are also keen to hear from users in other capital cities so we can organise these events as demand warrants. Just drop us an email at

Practitioner Dashboard

Based on user feedback we have made a number of improvements to the Professional Edition dashboard so that practitioners have better visibility to the funds which they are managing via Mclowd.

Practitioners are also reminded that you can set up a new SMSF online in minutes via our Partner BMR Corporate Solutions.  Simply select the “Establish New SMSF” tab and follow the prompts.

User Manual

As part of the efforts to improve self-help options trustee Lorraine Cobcroft is going to roll up her sleeves and help us develop a comprehensive User Manual which will be available both online and for PDF download.  More details to follow in the April Newsletter.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, and please keep the feedback coming.


Graeme McGuire
Product Manager
Mclowd Pty Ltd