Given the time of year it was not surprising that July saw a record number of support requests being submitted by users, particularly those looking to migrate for FY17.

While there is still much work to be done, a virtuous circle is now developing around Mclowd, where a growing user base of early adopters generates more and more feedback on the existing functionality, which then guides our efforts at refinement, in turn improving the experience for new users and driving further growth of the Community.

User Manual

We have been investing heavily in the User Manual, which now represents more than 400 pages of documentation which can be searched online or downloaded in PDF format.

This content provides a useful starting point for anyone considering migration of their fund to Mclowd. At the same time the content is being progressively linked in to the Platform interface, so users can access relevant information from specific pages within the application.

Migration Support

We are conscious that there are a large number of users who have signed up for Mclowd but not proceeded with their migration, either due to lack of time or familiarity with the software.

As a consequence last year we established a dedicated Migration Support Team, who – for a small investment of $220 – will work with you to migrate opening balances and provide online training so you can gain the confidence to manage your fund (or those of your clients) on Mclowd.

You can purchase this support via the Paid Extras page, or simply drop us a note at if you would like to discuss your specific requirements.

Actuarial Certificates

Trustee users who have taken over management of their fund via Mclowd should note that certain funds (basically those with both accumulation and pension accounts) require an actuarial certificate as part of the year end process.

Obtaining a certificate from an actuary can help you pay less tax, as the actuary will calculate the proportion of investment income taxed at 15% and the proportion which is exempt from tax.

If this is the case don’t forget that you can generate the certificate direct from your account via our Partners Verus Actuaries and Lime Actuarial.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, and please keep the feedback coming.


Graeme McGuire
Product Manager
Mclowd Pty Ltd